We are excited to bring the ultimate music game, Beat the Intro, to the Alexa platform! Alexa device owners can enable Beat the Intro via the Alexa app or by saying, “Alexa, enable Beat the Intro.” Then, simply ask Alexa to “open Beat the Intro” and start playing. Simple, entertaining, and with new games daily; turn it up and have fun! 3… 2… 1… Let’s play!

How it works

Join Moozzo as your host and learn something new every day as you play with your friends or solo to guess the song title and artist as fast as possible.

Three different play modes:

  • Daily Challenge: Come back every day to face three new tracks and learn something as you play.
  • Team Mode: Play with friends in team mode, each taking turns to guess as fast as possible.
  • Echo Buttons Mode: Play with Echo Buttons, buzzing in first to answer each track to earn points.

Beat the Intro FreePlay:

  • Play the "greatest hits of all time" and "today's hits" pack for free.

Beat the Intro Unlimited:

  • Play with the top hits from every category, including Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, RnB, Country, Love, and Decades (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, and 2010's).
  • Play unlimited games per day.
  • Thousands of tracks to play with

Additional features:

  • Fun track facts: Learn something new every day with fun facts about artists, songs, and the music you love.
  • Weekly leaderboards: Compete to have the highest daily challenge score for the week.
  • Play with between 1 and 16 players
  • Compatible with Echo Buttons for that real quiz-feel!